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Discuss the role of culture on infant physical development. How can culture affect the timing and trajectory of physical development in infancy? Please describe at least 2 specific examples of cultural differences. Additionally, please answer ONE of the following: · Do you think cultural norms and expectations affect experience-expectant or experience-dependent processes more? Be sure to explain your reasoning. · Do you think culture has a drastic impact or not much of an impact? Why or why not? When answering, please consider the concept of canalization. Please use information from the powerpoint slides, book, materials posted on Moodle, and your own personal experiences regarding culture, developmental norms, the trajectory of sensory skills (seeing, tasting, hearing, etc.), experience-expectant processes, experience-dependent processes, and canalization. Your post should include the following: A coherent, thoughtful discussion about the general effects of culture on infant physical development At least 2 specific examples of cultural differences that affect physical development A coherent, fact-based argument about how strong/drastic a role culture plays in infant physical development, definition of the term “canalization,” and an explanation about how canalization is associated with cultural differences OR A coherent, fact-based argument identifying which process (experience-expectant or experience-dependent) culture affects more significantly and definition of the terms “experience-expectant process” and “experience-dependent processes” Remember that your initial post must be at least 150 - 200 words and use APA citations. Citations are NOT included in the minimum word count. Feedback/Response posts could offer additional empirical or rational points that either strengthen or weaken the poster’s stance or additional examples of cultural differences. If you are aiming for “A” level work, you should also make sure to answer questions that other class members ask (in addition to your own 2 feedback posts). “A” level work would also go beyond the minimum requirements. Remember, no late submissions will be accepted. Note: Any editing you do after you submit your initial post will have the date and time of when you edited it so make sure that your submission is complete before the due date and time. (I will go by the timestamp on your post.) Grading Criteria For a satisfactory score, your initial responses should include specific support from course materials, including any readings, videos, or lecture notes, your own experiences, or other sources as detailed in the assignment instructions. Each post should include citations for the sources of your specific information. You should also respond in a substantive way to other students, moving the conversation forward, presenting an alternative viewpoint, or providing additional support for the classmates’ ideas. Supporting information is expected in those responses as well. Thorough, conscientious participation throughout the week will be rewarded. Specifications Post your opening response to the question early in the assignment period so that others have time to respond to you. In addition, you are expected to reply to those who may have responded to your initial postings.

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